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When changes kick in...

Usually I don't go to my main page so I didn't realize how long it was since my last post. And God, changes were big.

My last post was about me applying to job to capital city. Well, this one failed, along with some other shots, but I never really gave up. I've had a promise to fulfill after all. But you wouldn't believe how universe works sometimes as my teammates got pregnant (very fertile team, I'd say) and at the same time I was offered to move my team's work to capital city. With all bonuses like bigger salary and additional money for setting up. Great, I'm taking it.

And what happened next was the biggest surprise as my friend tsuchi8562 got a job in capital city too with the same start date as me! Not thinking too much we've found a place to live, organized a moving (with a cat!) and look at us, living now here for a month casually ;) Of course not everything is smooth, I spend a lot of time in work and that's not gonna change soon (maybe around mi-March) and cannot take any days off, not even sick leave, but after seeing my account with first salary and counting how much I'll be paid for overtime I don't whine too much.

So nobody from family left in my hometown as mother moved to Georgia with her husband and opened guest house, because why not? She's happy to have something she set up herself and working only for herself with no big boss.

One night 6 years ago, when I was coming back home drunk, I promised something. The deadline was till 30th birthday. I fulfilled that one, even though 3 months ago nobody would believe that, nothing seemed to give hope. But seeing my friend happier as she has much less to worry about regarding own life, when I know that we both may have more to look forward, that our dreams are closer - yeah, that was worth hellish 2 months with business trips, spoiling my holiday with work related mails, traveling constantly on weekends with working intensively on weekdays, packing life into card boxes and leaving what I called for over 20 years 'home', ceasing watching and reading...

One month after us!
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