Yuuki Saya (yuuki_saya) wrote,
Yuuki Saya

Does any of you remember me?

Maybe sometimes it's better to write it down and look at the problem from stranger's perspective? Not that I HAVE a problem. More like train of thoughts and ideas and somehow it worked out as... I wish I knew.

3 months ago I was at the trip with my best friend. We had a lot of fun, seen a lot of places, met nice people. There was one guy... Well, it wasn't like big thing, we're from different cities on the very different parts of country. But after I came back, for some time I was tasting the memories and thoughts what would happen if I moved to his place. Would I find him accidentally? It's rather a big city. Or not?

The thought devoured me. Me being in the other city, with other job. Imagination went wild.

After some time it lost some colours, but damage in brain was irreparable. Friend from capital city asked me to apply to their team. "Why not?" I thought.

And here I am - after first interview, with some plans, after fight with grandmother and convincing her by my beloved mother. Preparing slowly.

And somehow, somewhere in my mind, there's this - if it weren't for that short holiday romance (wow, big word), I wouldn't be mentally prepared and past most fears of making big change.

Fate is such a funny thing.
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