Yuuki Saya (yuuki_saya) wrote,
Yuuki Saya


I haven't posted anything here for a long, lomg time... Probably now I have too much time to spare ;) Nonetheless I need to write, anything is good.

Right now I'm sitting on my balcony, enjoying nice weather, parents' absence and nice Akame fic. Really, what is needed to feel happy?

I have some problems is work and it affected my health. I'm afraid to go there tomorrow... Like it would change anything. Sometimes I think that I'm the problem, because no way everybody around me have so much flaws it makes me feel bad. But, who knows? Maybe it's something between? Their flaws against mine, that would create such a mess...

Two weeks more and I should have a whole week off. Whole week without teammates. Sounds really, really good. And that tsuchi8562 will spend some of that time with me.

Maybe the fact, that I have 2 extractions planned this minth makes it less funny, but I need this, srsly, otherwise every month my lovely teeth will make a walking bunch of pain...

No more rambling today!

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